Monday, December 21, 2009


whoa. if you’ve seen the news this last weekend you’ll know what I am talking about. One of the biggest storms ever in December wailed on the East Coast this last weekend. DC got hit especially hard. It is seriously a winter wonderland out there. The whole city seems to be shut down. The schools just threw in the towel an cancelled school all the way through til Christmas (they were supposed to be going though Wednesday. For the actual storm on Saturday we were in NYC. Noah surprised Kristi and took her on a birthday trip, so Julie and I got to go up there and take care of McKay and Lyla for the weekend. We had a lot of fun with those kids. They are awesome. Julie has my camera with all the pics of the weekend and the storm in her purse so I am just putting up a couple pictures from my iphone. Life with two kids in NYC is nuts. Kristi and Noah – you get some serious props. We had a blast doing it for the weekend, but I can see how it could be touch, especially when you are slipping all over the place trying to push two kids in a stroller through a foot of snow. But serious, look how cute these kids are.


I forgot how much I used to love doing this as a kid. McKay kept disappearing at H&M when we stopped to return something. Something about going inside of there is just fun as a kid. It would probably be fun as an adult too, except you’d have to find a really tall rack, cause you’d just look funny in the normal size racks.


Getting ready to go out and brave the storm and experience the craziness of FAO Schwartz at Christmas (maybe not the best idea, the place was rammed).


Nailed. Nothing like getting snowplowed in when there is 5 inches in front and in back of you. Noah helped me dig it out though and we made it back to DC safe and sound. There is even more snow here. I will post some pics along with the ones of the strorm in NY soon. Only a couple days tile Christmas!!! I hope your halls are decked and that you have the music playing non stop.

Last thing. We got a real tree here in the city. And surprising after 3 weeks it is still drinking and lively. Here is is in all it’s grandeur looking out onto First Street along with the art deco version of it. There’s something about a Christmas tree, that is indescribable. The way a house feels when the only lights on are those of the Christmas tree, or breaking off a needle and smelling it. Doesn’t matter the day or the mood, it automatically makes me smile and brings back know what I mean?  Let’s face it, Christmas rules. Merry Christmas!!!




Eyrealm said...

wow! Thanks for the info and the great pictures. we'll look forward to more! That tree actually lights up the room here. Wish you were here but we know that you'll be having lots of fun with those shumway kids! We'll call from St. George!

Jonah and Aja said...

nice post the roots. great vocab. you know how to make it impact. the legend looks pretty happy in all that snow.