Monday, August 10, 2009

on to dc!

Hey there. We are driving. I don't know if there has ever been a car that is so packed full of stuff. It was like the best game of tetris you've ever played as we jammed everything in with some nifty precision. Technology is cool. I am typing on my laptop that is tethered to my iphone which is working as a modem. I am the true traveling salesman this week with my "mobile office" aka our sweet car. We'll post pics as we progress. We're driving first to Big Bear Lake in California to meet up with is Julie's family for their reunion, which will be awesome. Then from there we're making the long trek across the country. You might be saying "why on earth would you drive to California and leave from there? it is totally the wrong direction!" The answer is simply, "if you're going to drive across the country, might as well drive the who distance, not just 3/4 of it."

These are exciting times. Nothing like a road trip...(for the first day or so at least.)


shawni said...

hey, how about those "posts along the way"??? I need to call and hear what's up! Hope it's going great. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

brittanimae said...

AGAIN exactly like us. We left from California too (Aaron's family) and took the long route through Texas and New Orleans. And it's still one of our favorite memories. Just do a better job of recording everything than we did (which you already are)!

Parley Baldwin said...

who let the dawgs out!