Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sunset on New York

This is one of the coolest sunsets that I have seen. You see red and orange a lot, but not so much purple and blue. It was significant of our summer in New York coming to an end. It was an absolutely incredible summer that we'll never forget. We'll never for 1409 York Avenue Apt. 2b. Even though it was short, it was our first home. It was where we began our marriage and started something incredible. It was awfully hard to leave as I had a bit of a lump in my throat...but we'll be back. Thanks to Julie who was willing to go with me this summer and thanks to Tal and Noah and Kristi for all the good times we had this summer. We're back in Utah now and Julie is back in school...we'll see what the next few weeks entail as far as where to live and what I will be doing for work.

We finished off the summer with a trip up to Boston, New Hampshire, and Maine. It was beautiful, with some foliage already occurring (the changing of the leaves). Pics of that to come.
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