Monday, June 30, 2008

life in the city

This right here, is why I love this city. Look at that. This has been such a beautiful summer up until this point. Though there have been some ridiculously hot days...and some serious humidity...overall, it has been so beautiful. Last week, Julie and I did one of my favorite things, which is to spend time on the Brooklyn Bridge. This time though, to make it even better, we went over to Brooklyn to Grimaldi's and got this incredible pizza and took it with us on the bridge and ate some dinner there together right on the bridge. It was an absolutely beautiful evening.
When we got there, the sun was just setting, so we got to see the sunset with the skyline in front of it.
This little hole in the wall has some of the best pizza I have ever had.
Here we are dining on the bridge. I gotta say that is one of my favorite things about living here in New York. It is basically like, you want it, you got it. You want authentic Italian pizza on the Brooklyn Bridge, you got it. You want a little Shakespeare in Central Park you got it, you want a little BO wiff when you walk past someone on a hot day, you got it...and so on. We are having an incredible is going great for both of us. I am working with Noah and really enjoying it, and Julie is temping and finds herself in all sorts of offices from hedge funds to banks, to you name it.
We had a great trip up to Boston, but Saydi has the pics and I haven't got them yet. Mom and Dad were here last week, and now Josh is here. So we are definately keeping busy. I have been helping Noah remodel his bathroom over the last week or so and I must say it looks quite nice. And to put icing on the cake. Kristi had her baby girl this morning at like 7. We (me, Julie, Tal, and Josh) were all over for dinner last night, and all was perfectly fine. Noah has been guessing for weeks, that the baby would come on June 30. And he must be able to read the future or something, cause this morning I got a message that they were at the hospital and Kristi was about to have the baby. So, I am here with McKay while we wait for Kristi to rest a bit, then I get to take McKay to the hospital to meet his new little sister!
Life is good in New York.
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atec said...

Love the pics! I'm honestly a bit jealous!