Thursday, May 15, 2008

we are here

notice that i said we. we are here. my dreams have been fulfilled. i am sitting in our studio apartment in manhattan. i am here with my beautiful wife julie. the windows are open, i can hear the city outside. it is late in the night, yet the city is still bustling. there is just something energizing about this place that i cannot describe. live just keeps getting better. we've been married nearly two weeks now...and each day seems to get a little better. i guess it is really setting in now as we are back from the honeymoon and we just moved all our stuff live together. craziness. lovin it though. plenty of pics of the honeymoon in barbados and an update on life in the city of my dreams.


Cotter said...

i keep checking for wedding pictures! post some for those of us that weren't able to come celebrate with you two!

shawni said...

SO where the heck are all the pictures?? Can't wait to see them, and hear more details about the big trip. Love you guys.