Monday, October 01, 2007

The Rally

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Well. We came we saw we conquered. The Rally happened. It happened good. It is crazy to spend so much time on something and then all of the sudden it is over. What an experience it has been. It has been crazy. Every day til late 9pm working our tails off. It was awesome to see it actually happen. Mitt was there, he was happy, his people were happy and I think we raised a pretty good sum of money. So as Mitt has said before "I was pleased as punch" to see this thing finally come about.

Here they are....The Rally Coordinators. From left to right. Stevie from Iowa, me, Danielle, Brad and my doggy Parley. Had these guys not been around it would have been impossible to keep my sanity. We were all the on the same boat and felt the same way about a lot of things so we were able to vent to each other and keep our cool instead of going ape on our bosses. They are all now really good friends and it was definately a pleasure to work with them and get to know them. I think they will be friends for a long time.

Here's the Rally in action. We had around 1.000 there. Not bad, not what we wanted, but everyone that was there was dedicated to the cause and really excited about what is happening with the campaign.
Here we all are making calls. The baloon were the markers. Red = $1,000. Silver = 2,000 Gold = 5,000 and Blue = 10,000. By the end there were quite a few baloons around as we raised a good chunk of cash. Fund raising is not easy, especially after you have exhausted most of your options. I am really interested to see what the campaign does in the fourth quarter as they have pretty much tapped out all of their resources.

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