Monday, August 13, 2007


This is a nice flower don't you think... I quite like it. Life is good right now. I am going full time on the campaign...I really like it so far, it is pretty intense, but quite awesome to be a part of such a great thing. Mitt won in Ames and has some good momentum going. One of my best friends, Parley is working alongside with me, and that makes it a lot of fun. We are going for 2500 people maybe up to 3000 there to raise money $3 million on the 28th of September. We have a lot of good stuff going and a lot of great people working, so it is definintely possible.
Me, Tal and Char had an awesome trip up to Logan last night and today. We took Grandma out to dinner and had a great night talking and hearing stories. Tal recorded a lot of it, so if you would like to listen let us know. My favorite part was last night...I got Grandma's record player going and pulled out all of her old records. I want to get a record player now. The old fashioned music, the old fashioned sound... I just love it. It was fun for Grandma to recall her memories as we listened. The best part was when she said, "I can close my eyes and see Dean there dancing with me, and I know exactly what move he is going to do next." That one really hit me. What an incredible woman Grandma is. We also spent some time with Melva Stiles (a famous singer who dad met in NYC on his mission who also sang at mom and dad's wedding, she was there visiting grandma) And EmmaRae, Vern's wife. They just told us all sorts of good stuff. We went to Church with Gram today and then headed down and met up with Mom and Dad and spoke with them at a big fireside in Bountiful. Like 20 stakes of single adults, about 1,000 people there. Mom and Dad had me and Tal and Char take some time and speak as well. It was really cool. There was a great spirit there...Mom and Dad are amazing speakers, they are able to appeal to anyone, even young singles. Dad was bringing the house down with hilarious stories about his decision to marry mom and mom brought a special spirit as she talked about getting out of the world and serving others. I also met a beautful girl there I hope to be able to take out.
So it has been an action packed couple of weeks. Read below for pics and info about Char and my trip to LA last weekend. I love you guys.
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