Monday, May 21, 2007

First time in Galilee

just thought you might want to be taken back to your days on galilee. we went there overnight last night. it was the first time i have seen that place and now i know why you all say it looks like bear lake. i thought i was at bear lake, just the super duper spiritual version. the sunset last night was amazing, and then the moon over the lake looking across at tiberias was also amazing, (a little time elapse photography) just thought you all might want to see what you missed there last night. we are going back in 10 days to stay there for a week. i can't wait to spend more time there. we even watched the jazz game...the jazz game on a big projection screen in the bar there at the kibutz. they lost, but i kinda expected that, they ill get game two, the good news is, they get espn here at the center, so i will be getting up at 4am to watch games a lot in the coming weeks. i can't even describe how awesome this place is. we are finishing the old testament this week and i can't wait to get into the new testament next week. love you all. eli

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