Sunday, September 24, 2006

A little something from England.

Hey guys. Sailboats on the ocean. I think that one day I will go on a nice long sail from one country to another. London is awesome. I am loving this place more and more. School is... well, a lot of stuff that I don't think I would normally study, but I am liking it for the most part. Some of the Professors are like read masters and they assign a lot of reading reading reading stuff that makes me fall asleep withing 30 seconds, but Oh well. It is disciplining me.
Well, this week we are going to the home of Shakespeare, Stratford on Avon. Can you feel how excited I am. No it will be great. We are going to see "The Tempest" and see stuff around there. Then on Friday, we are going to Kew Gardens. Some sweet garden somewhere. I will send some pictures later.
The ward I am going to here, Wandsworth Common is awesome. It is a kind of smaller ward, like a lot of the ones I was in in Japan. It makes you see how far the church has come, but also how far there is to go. The stake Presidency spoke today. A great lineup. An African man, A black British man, and the stake president is Japanese. An awesome little guy. He works at the embassy here. Came here with his family, speaks mediocre english, and they called him to be a stake president. Humble man. Talked about the importance of doing the small stuff. Faith in an action word. Act.
Love this place. Love you all. Send any suggestions.
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